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Scintag designs and manufacturers x-ray diffraction instruments for a variety of applications. This website gives you information about Scintag's history, products, and services. Recently, Scintag joined Applied Research Laboratories (ARL), a Thermo-Optek company with a 66 year history of technical innovation in analytical spectroscopy.

There are several possible applications for Scintag systems. A brief slideshow of some possible applications of our systems is available online. These applications include: Qualitative Phase Analysis (applicable to almost all solid materials), Quantitative Phase Analysis, Texture Analysis, Residual Stress Analysis, Non-Ambient Temperature XRD, Crystallographic Analysis, Crystallinity, High Resolution, Thin Film, Low Angle, and Retained Austinite.

Industrial applications include: Biosciences, Ceramics, Chemicals (catalysts, polymers), Geology (geological surveys, mining, museums, petroleum), Metallurgy (aluminum, automotive, steel, precious metals), Nuclear, Pharmaceuticals, and Semiconductors (chip makers, disk drives, ingots).

In 1980, Scintag pioneered the use of energy dispersive solid state detectors for x-ray diffraction applications. With the use of this detector, we developed a versatile x-ray optical design providing unprecedented resolution and data accuracy at a highly reduced acquisition time. Scintag diffractometers have a wide range of optional attachments, covering practically all known techniques of x-ray analysis.

Scintag cooperates closely with its customers in the development of practical applications which meet the special needs of the customer. Scintag application scientists are always ready to make various measurements on customer samples to demonstrate the capabilities of Scintag equipment or select the data acquisition procedures most appropriate for their needs.

Scintag Headquarters:

10040 Bubb Road

Cupertino, CA 95014


Telephone 408.253.6100

Fax 408.253.6300

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The latest XRD system from Scintag has arrived. Click on the image below to view a descirption of the new Scintag X'TRA XRD System.

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Have you visited the Learn section of our website? We have dedicated a section of our website to help those interested in learning more about x-ray diffraction (XRD). From this section, you can also download our popular X-ray Diffraction Poster.

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ACHEMA Frankfurt, Germany May 22-27 TBA

Denver X-ray Conference Denver, CO July 31-August 4 TBA

DMSNT Information:

DMSNT version 1.37 is now available for download from our website. You may get access to this download by contacting If you have obtained a password, go to our DMSNT Software page to download the latest release.

Attachments and Auxiliary Components

Scintag diffraction instruments have a modular design, making it easy to expand their functionality and/or reconfigure the hardware for a different application. While the main base of the system - the goniometer and x-ray source - remains the same, all other components are optional and interchangeable. The attachments are arranged alphabetically.

Not all the attachments are mutually compatible - some of them may not be used simultaneously. Consult Scintag about compatible system configurations.

12-pos Sample Changer

12-Position Sample Changer

34-position Sample Changer

34-position Sample Changer

Channel-Cut Analyzer

Channel-Cut Crystal Analyzer

Closed High/Low Attachment

Closed High/Low Temperature Attachment

Diffracted Beam Monochromator

Diffracted Beam X-ray Monochromators

Dual Collimator Adapter

Dual Collimator Adapter

Environmental Chamber

Environmental Chamber

Halfcircle Attachment

Halfcircle Attachment

High Temperature Attachment

High-Temperature Attachment

Incident Beam Monochromator

Incident Beam Monochromator

Open High/Low Attachment

Open High/Low Temperature Attachment

Parabolic Mirror

Parabolic Mirror

Pinhole Collimator

Pinhole Collimator

Reflectometry Stage

Reflectometry Stage

Spinning Single-Sample Holder

Spinning Single-Sample Holder

Thin-Film Attachment

Thin-Film Attachment

Transmission Sample Holder

Transmission Sample Holder

Variable Slit

Variable Slit


UDC (Universal Diffraction Circle)

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Scintag x-ray diffractometers may be equipped with several types of x-ray detectors depending upon the requirements of the application. Solid-state Si x-ray detectors provide the best resolution at high measurement speed in x-ray powder diffraction analysis. Scintillation x-ray detectors provide the highest counting speed at a low cost. Position sensitive x-ray detectors allow for extremely fast data collection in a limited angular range, such as in stress analysis.

Click one of the images or links below to get more information.

Peltier-cooled Si X-ray detector

Peltier Detector


Position Sensitive Detector

Scintillation detector

Scintillation Detector

LN2 Cooled Detector

LN2 Detector

Download FileLow Resolution Brochure (PDF 280kb)

Download FileHigh Resolution Brochure (PDF 2,297kb)

To find out more information about these detectors, please contact Scintag.